My Life So Far,my,life,so,far

My Life So Far

I was born in Ankara in 1951.

I finished Ankara Science High School (1968), Computer Engineering at the Middle East Technical University (1972) and became a Harvard Business School alumni in 1988.   

I worked for 35 years as business owner or executive in various industries.

An ardent reader all through my life, I have long been striving to move from ‘my career as a reader’ toward a vocation as a writer.

My first novel, The Cross Game, was published in September 2010 (fantastic). A fascinating story of seperated twins. Passsages in Istanbul, Paris and Cologne(Germany)

The second novel Once Upon a Time Travel - Kerim & Sibel was published by January 2012 (science fiction). Story developes in Istanbul & New York

My third novel 13 Hours + 1 Life is published in May 2013 (pyschological). A story of a Turkish Jew in Istanbul, Italy and USA...

My fourth novel KOR (A journey to the center of LOVE – a contemporary sufi novel about the teachings of RUMI) is published in September 2014 (mystic). Story developes in Istanbul - Konya (Turkey), Cambridge (UK) and Moscow

My fifth novel The Man In the Mirror is published in April 2016 (drama). A thriller as well as a sad story between seperated father and daughter who lives in Istanbul. 

My sixth novel Return to TURABDİN is published in October 2016 (drama). Heartbreaking story of a Syriac women who lives in Southeast part of Turkey, Ankara and Sweden. 

Working as a freelance management consultant as well, I continue to work on new novels all of which are interrelated in terms of events and characters involved in a curious dance of time and space.

I am married and have a daughter.


Final Update: October 2016